Benefit Plan Audit and Advisory Services


As an employer with more than a hundred 401(k) participants, conducting a yearly employee benefit plan audit is your fiduciary responsibility. Safeguard your plan's assets and ensure compliance with the latest government regulations by choosing the right CPA. You can trust me, Anne McCaleb, CPA, to conduct your employee benefit plan audits with the highest standards of quality control. When I'm on the job, your company's audit will comply with the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) and all current Department of Labor requirements.

Experienced Benefit Plan Auditor

Some firms give their 401(k) audit engagements to junior auditors but when I handle your audit, you'll be working with a fully trained and seasoned CPA. Employee benefit plan audits are my priority, my specialty, and my passion. I have years of experience coordinating with trustees, record keepers, and third-party administrators to efficiently perform benefit plan audits. Learn more about my CPA qualifications.

Business Advisory Services

My assistance goes beyond just performing the audit. During the audit process, I'll look for ways to mitigate risk by beefing up internal controls and identifying potential problems in plan administration. I'll uncover deficiencies and show you how to address them so you end up with a more compliant plan and an easier audit. When needed, I will also perform compilations for prior years and help resolve complex compliance issues discovered during the audit.

Audit and advisory services include:

  • 401(k) and retirement plan limited scope audits
  • Initial plan, final plan, and short plan year audits
  • Prior year compilations (as needed)
  • Assistance resolving compliance issues
  • Assistance with prohibited transaction issues
  • Support for IRS and DOL audits
  • Recommendations for internal controls enhancements
  • Plan administration upgrades
  • Reviews of Form 5500 for accuracy

Ready to get started? Request a free consultation now or call me at 916-634-4002 and find out how I can help your business.